Dachshund volunteers to lead exercise program . . .

“Man, I’ve gained 7 pounds over the last few months,” I moaned to my dachshund who is a good listener.

“My question is, why do you gain weight,” he asked, trying to help me analyze the situation.

“Too many sweets and not enough exercise,” was my sad reply.

“I can run that off of you if you take me for a walk.”

There was sense in what he said, so I got the new harness and struggled to get it on him.  He cried, whined, and turned in circles as I admonished him, “Puppy, be still!  Do you want to go for a walk or not?”

Another new thing in our lives beside the harness, (which by the way, I have to thank my friend praw27 for suggesting it as Puppy pulls a lot on his leash unless I run at his pace and now he doesn’t strangle himself) is a new iphone which takes videos.  Puppy recommended that I film him running and then use the video to motivate myself.  He said I could watch it over and over on the treadmill or run in place while watching it.  The video is 3 minutes long with short sections of smelling in which to catch your breath.

Puppy, the Dachshund Workout Video

If you need motivating, perhaps this will be just the thing!  Puppy also invites you to read the book chronicling his own workouts, “Puppy, the Navy Seal Dachshund.”