Imagination and Real-life Combine to Promote New Book

They say that a web presence can be a real asset when promoting a book.  Anne Milstead (me) has a limited web presence on Facebook and very limited on Instagram, however, triciamanly (also me) has a fairly large presence on such sites as ModtheSims,  SimFansUK, and Cinda’sSimStyle.  For 11 years since my son, NedtheHead  gave me the Sims2 game for my birthday, I’ve been hooked on building houses for imaginary families trying to work their way up to the top of their careers.  You then package these houses to a file and upload to one of the above sites where fellow “Simmers” browse through screenshots of your houses and if they like one, they download it into their own game for their own Sims.  It’s amazing fun!  I don’t say it to boast (well, maybe I do) but I have a combined total of 1,988,912 downloads of my houses.  Just imagine if that were book sales!  Anyway, for my latest effort, My Talking Dachshund, I decided to combine my two lives by building the setting for the book, my own house and a neighbor’s in Peoria, AZ.  I built a Sim facsimile of both houses, put in a lot of effort by creating custom walls, floors, and furniture. I also downloaded other “Simmers” files, namely a custom dachshund by Munchie, realistic palm trees by Alex Stanton, and dining chairs by LadyAngel  to make my lot better and then uploaded the final result with explanation of the setting and links to my book. Hoping to get at least a lot of views!  Mod the Sims has more than 2,000 on line at any given time!

Everyday Arizona resized

By the way, my book is available in Spanish, Mi Perro Salchicha Hablador, (translation help from the neighbor who lives in the white brick house and from another dear friend) and it is available in Kindle for only $0.99!

Sims2 forever!

Please opine on my press release!

I’m not sure about the timing of this, but I’m working on a press release for my picture book, “Puppy, the Navy Seal Dachshund“.  Stepping out of my usual habit of just plunging ahead, I have been researching the topic and found this concise article in the Alliance of Independent Authors which helped me get started.  Thanks so much to Bronwyn Hemus for making it seem doable!  Here is what I’ve come up with and I’m hoping I may get some feedback!

Dachshund Becomes Navy Seal Dog!

Is the headline that Puppy, a beloved pet from Peoria, Arizona hopes to see in his local newspaper. Puppy’s journey is the plot of a whimsical children’s picture book by local author and dog lover, Anne Milstead.

Anne is a retired Tolleson Elementary teacher who spent 19 years reading, teaching, and loving children’s books.  In this book, she hopes children will love her animal characters who are actually her own pets, along with a rabbit who has decided to live in her back yard in spite of the dogs.

There is a lesson to be learned by watching the efforts of an irrepressibly ambitious pet dachshund who dreams big and works hard to reach that dream of becoming an elite Navy Seal dog. Anyone who has ever “gone for it” will be encouraged by the result.

“Puppy, the Navy Seal Dachshund” is available at Authorhouse, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite on-line book seller in soft cover or e-book format.

Anne would love to hear from readers and may be contacted at

Anyone?  Anyone?

Thanks to K.M. Alexander I Know what to do next!

I have really enjoyed getting in at the start of K.M. Alexander’s release of his new book, “The Stars Were Right”.  When he first announced the book’s publication, it was exciting.  Then he shared his feeling of worry as to how the book would be received.  Today, he is sharing glowing early reviews!  You can’t help but be happy for him with his enthusiasm and optimism.  So, whatever K.M. does, I will too!

I, too, have early reviews of my book “Puppy, the Navy Seal Dachshund” on

Here are excerpts:

By N Fine on September 28, 2013

Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase

Pet loving children will delight in reading about the efforts of Puppy, a dachshund pet, to join the ranks of elite dogdom by becoming a Navy Seal dog. This is the story of setting a goal, making a plan to attain it, and how it all worked out. It should appeal to school children in the lower grades. They will find in the text words which will enrich their vocabulary.

By Cheatiebo on October 5, 2013

Format: Paperback

I have just finished reading “PUPPY, THE NAVY SEAL DACHSHUND” by Anne Milstead. I received my copy within two days, thank you AMAZON! The personification of Anne’s pets Puppy and Lucy is “story-book creativity and fairy-tale endearment” at its finest. Due to Anne’s brilliant intuition and lengthy tenure in the classroom, she cleverly infuses this delightfully illustrated tale with lessons on avoiding instant gratification, the value of lofty goal setting, and the benefit of creating a habit of industriousness early in life.
Naturally, I’m thrilled with the two reviews and now I know that it’s a good idea to share them on my blog.  Thanks K.M. Alexander!

Less subtlety and more directness!

This morning I read K.M. Alexander’s announcement about his new book,  “The Stars Were Right”  and I really liked how he showcased the book in an exciting way and encouraged his readers to buy a copy.  He wrote a good book and he’s not timid about asking people to buy it.  I am, however, and it’s silly and actually dishonest.  It’s like, “Here’s a little children’s book I wrote, and oh, here are some teaching activities you might like, and I’m sorry it’s so expensive, but maybe you can just download the ebook.  Well after admiring K.M. Alexander, a professional writer, I now say this:

Announcing a charming book about talking dogs that is sure to please any child, “Puppy, the Navy Seal Dachshund”!  See how Puppy strives for greatness with the aid of his best animal friends and how hard work makes dreams come true.