Rallying from a low point . . .

My old dog, Lucy, has rallied from the point of death to now wanting to take a walk and check all of her messages on every bush, cable box, and fire hydrant!  I had made the awful decision to have her matted hair shaved.  I did it to assuage my own guilt for not having groomed her as I should, and when I took her to the groomers, they said the only solution was to shave her.  Lucy’s hair is long, blonde, and flowing.  It’s her crowning beauty, and I, her supposed loving owner, had it all shaved off,  Lucy seemed to give up at that point.  She was like an aristocratic French noblewoman, whose head was shaved in the prison before being beheaded.   I was crying about this to my daughter who said, “Mom, why don’t you give her some pain killers?”  Why that didn’t occur to me, I don’t know, but I googled whether it was safe to give dogs aspirin and the answer is yes.  To verify that, I went by the vet’s office and spoke with his assistant who confirmed that aspirin was ok in low doses.  It has worked wonders!  

Like Lucy, I have been at the point of giving up on my book, “Puppy, the Navy Seal Dachshund.”  However, my good friend, Dahlia, who is a doer and a shaker, has given the book sales some aspirin.  She is a retired administrative assistant from the school district in California where I used to teach.  She dared to take my book to a school board meeting and make a presentation about how the kindle version could be used in the classroom along with the activities from my blog.  Now I have noticed some sales at Amazon which to me is incredibly exciting, making me want to blog again!  Thank you Dahlia!