Hoping to hear from homeschoolers . . .

At the risk of repeating myself, I have recently published a children’s picture book, “Puppy, the Navy Seal Dachshund.”  To help get my book out there, I gave it to several teacher friends of mine.  They were so nice and happy to get the book, but when I ask if they had read it to their classes, the problem they are encountering is that the curriculum is so strict there’s no time to read a book aloud just for fun.  This is very different from a few years ago when everyday, for the last fifteen minutes, I would read aloud to the class whatever book they wanted (provided of course it was suitable).  It was such a fun time for us.  I would read a few minutes and then ask a question about a small detail from the story and draw a card with a student’s name on it.  If they could answer the question, I would give them a Jolly Rancher.  I’m sure the giving of Jolly Ranchers would be frowned upon as well.  If all of this is wrong, I would love to be corrected. This is my third year out of the classroom and I can’t really say that I’m familiar with the current situation.  It seems so sad to me that something as simple and fun as a teacher read aloud is virtually impossible now.

With that thought, I now turn to homeschoolers.  I imagine they have the freedom to read for joy whenever they want.  I was really hoping I had written a book that could be used in the classroom.  An animal hero works hard to fulfill a dream with unexpected results.  The book is available in kindle format for only $3.99.  I used higher level vocabulary and then prepared vocabulary activities and posted them here on my blog.  I also planned an entire unit that could be used with the book, in the old school way, and described those activities too.  Maybe a home schooling teacher might enjoy some ready made things that a student could do when he or she is all finished, and you are still working with his or her classmate.  My sincere hope is that the work I have done could be useful.  Of course feedback would be most welcome.