For Teachers and Students

I would love to hear from your students.  Please email me their comments and I will post them here under the page “Readers’ Comments”.  They can also send their artwork.

I will be adding to this list of activities as I think of new things or better yet hear from other teachers who are willing to share their ideas.


Navy Seal Dog Presentation – Slides of Seal Dogs for background information

Puppy, the Navy Seal Dachshund Vocabulary Power Point – Slides illustrating select vocabulary words from the book.

Spanish Version of the Book

Puppy, el Operario Especial de la Marina

ELL Version of the Book with Comprehension Questions


Vocabulary Worksheets

Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks – worksheet using vocabulary words in sentences

Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test – worksheet

Vocabulary Games

Vocabulary Tic Tac Toe Word Cards

Vocabulary Tic Tac Toe Definitions Game Board

Vocabulary Activities

  • Find each word in the story. Copy the sentence with the word in it.
  • Write the words in alphabetical order. Look them up in the dictionary. Copy the definition that makes sense with the way the word was used in the story.
  •  Complete the sentences in the printable sheet using a vocabulary word. Use the sheet as a timed reading. It has 107 words. Try to read it in one minute.
  •  Write the words in alphabetical order. Look them up in the dictionary and write the part of speech of each word beside it.
  •  Write your own sentence using the vocabulary word.
  • Write your own paragraph using all the words. Underline each word.
  • Draw a picture showing the meaning of a vocabulary word. Write a sentence explaining the picture.
  • Act out a vocabulary word and have others guess what the word is.
  • Take the printable multiple choice vocabulary test.
  • Make up your own multiple choice vocabulary test and give it to others.
  • Play Vocabulary Tic Tac Toe. Print the Vocabulary Words and Vocabulary Definitions. Cut out the word cards. Play with another person. Each person will have a set of word cards but you will both play with the same definition sheet  which will be your game board. Put your initials on each word card so you can tell it apart from your opponent’s cards. Don’t mix the cards together. Each person has their own set. Place them face down. Draw a word card from your set and place it on the correct definition. Next person does the same. Play continues this way. If you draw a card and your opponent’s card is already on the definition, you lose a turn. Whoever makes Tic Tac Toe wins.
  •  Play Vocabulary Match Up with the Vocabulary Tic Tac Toe vocabulary words and definitions. Play with several people. Print a word card sheet and definition sheet for each person. Cut out the word cards and the definition cards. Mix them all together. Deal them out to the players. First person plays a card. If the next person has the definition, he or she can pick the card up and play another card. If not, he or she has to pass. Play continues around until someone has the definition and picks up the card. Whoever picks up the card plays the next card. Keep playing until all of the cards are used up. The person with the most pairs wins.

Writing Ideas

  •  Choose an animal and think about what it might dream of being. What might that animal do to make its dream come true?
  • Was Puppy’s dream realistic? Why or why not?
  • Do you have a pet? Invent two friends for your pet and describe them.
  • Think about your pet. What are some things it likes and dislikes?
  • Do you have a dream of being something else? Tell about it.
  • Puppy survived a disaster when his house caught fire. Tell about a disaster in your life.
  • What was your favorite part of the story? Why?
  • What part of the story could have been improved? Why?
  • What did you learn from Puppy’s experience?

Art Activities

Coloring Pages by Sonny Heston – his preliminary sketches in black and white

  • The coloring pages have room at the bottom for captions, or why don’t you write your own story about the illustrations?
  • Choose a part of the book that doesn’t have an illustration and draw one.
  • When I was working on the book, I had to describe what I wanted in each illustration in writing.  I’ve never met Sonny Heston.  He had to draw the illustration just from my description.  He did a fantastic job.  Think of your own illustration with characters and setting made up by you and write a description for someone else to draw.
  • Read p. 10 in the book which describes the obstacle course. Draw and label it.

PE Activity

  • Lucy made up an obstacle course for Puppy with things from the backyard.  Make up an obstacle course with things from your classroom.  Time your partner five times doing the course.  Keep a record of your times.

Math Activities

  • Using your times from the obstacle course, make a line graph or bar graph showing your time for each attempt.
  • Find your average time.  Find range, median, and mode.

Obstacle Course Diagram

ObstacleCourseWordProblems – Distance


Social Studies Activity

  • Research the Navy Seals.  Make an oral report to the class.



This awesome site gives free previews of books.


2 thoughts on “For Teachers and Students

  1. Thank you for these teaching ideas! I will plan on using these when I got back to teaching full time. If you are interested, I also have my own separate teaching blog with lesson plans and presentations I have done.

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