All about Puppy and Lucy


Puppy is not my real name. My real name is Waggedy Andy. I was named by Anne’s daughter when I first came to live with Bob and Anne Milstead. I was born in a nice, big house with tile floors in Glendale, Arizona. Anne’s daughter, Virginia, had a beloved dachshund named Isabelle who had run away, and Virginia was heartbroken. So Anne and Virginia decided to get a replacement dachshund, that was me. The people in the nice, big house put an ad in the newspaper and Anne and Virginia came to see me. They played with me a few minutes and then Anne called Bob on her cell phone and asked, “Can I spend $350 on a dachshund puppy?” and he said, “Yes.” That was it. They bought me and took me home. I’m pretty friendly and not shy, so it was all good, especially when I got there and found out another dog was there. Lucy. She’s the most beautiful dog I’ve ever seen, tall, with flowing hair, blonde head and dark edges around her eyes. Anne says she looks like Brittney Spears.


We moved to Arizona in 1998 from California.  We brought our old dog, Woody, with us that we had had since 1986.  He had spent his life in our grassy backyard and now was moved to a gravel backyard in August in Arizona.   By January, Woody had developed a tumor on his neck.  We took him to the vet who drained the tumor, thinking it would be alright.  A week or so later, the tumor was open and bleeding and we took Woody back to the vet, thinking that he would sew it up or something.  We left Woody at the vet and went home.  About an hour later, the vet called to say that Woody was on the operating table, already asleep, and that he was full of cancer.  He suggested that he go ahead and put Woody down since he was anesthetized.  As I write this, tears come, even after all those years.

We were so sad for the next few weeks.  I found myself talking to the wild jack rabbits like I had talked to Woody.  I was miserable, so my husband, a problem solver, went to the animal control shelter and found a puppy whom he named Lucy.  That was in March of 1999, so Lucy must be nearly 15 years old.  She was a terrible puppy, destructive, and would stare at me with wolf’s eyes.  I was afraid of her! But she grew into a beautiful, svelte, athletic dog who could run like the wind.  She’s been active all her life, learning many tricks like, “Sit, stay, speak, shake, army crawl, and roll over.”   Many times I would show off her tricks to guests.  Now, she spends her days lying on the cool tile.  Her life is waning, and oh how I dread the end.

puppy and lucy on the bed

Puppy and Lucy waiting to be fed

while Lucy was seeing action I was on the bed

lucy smiling


Puppy’s Super Busy Day

5:30 AM Whined and yelped to wake Bob up to feed me early.

5:30 AM and 30 seconds Ran to my beddie because Bob got up but not to feed me.

6:30 AM Followed big dog Lucy into Bob’s room to wake him up.

6:32 AM Whined and yelped to make Bob hurry up opening the can of food.

6:33 AM Finished with my food.

6:33 AM and 30 seconds Grabbed a bite of Lucy’s food when she raised her head.

7:00 AM Went outside and rolled on a dead bird.

7:30 AM Got bathed in Garnier Fructis.

8:00 AM Took walk around the block with Anne. Checked messages at front bush, mailbox, cable box. Left solid message on sidewalk.

8:15 AM Got off my leash by pulling backwards. Chased Gretta, neighbor dog, all the way back to her house.

8:30 AM Back at home on the sofa.

10:15 AM Sent outside when Anne left.

11:00 AM Had words with neighbor dog, Chowman, who called Lucy a hairy doormat.

11:30 AM Dug up old bone from flowerbed and carried it onto the porch.

1:00 PM Welcomed Anne home and carried old bone inside.

3:00 PM Sent outside again when Anne left. Forgot to take bone.

4:30 PM Heard Bob come home and step on bone.

6:00 PM Welcomed Anne home and got on sofa.

8:00 PM Heard Bob about to finish bowl of icecream. Jumped off sofa to lick the bowl.

9:00 PM Back in my beddie for the night. What a fabulous day!




8 thoughts on “All about Puppy and Lucy

    • Inahay, I sincerely hope your dog recovers quickly! I know how anxious a time it is when a pet is down. Puppy, the Dachshund’s back went out Christmas before last. Thanks so much for your comment.

      • Oh no! Dachshund’s and their backs. How scary. Mine is doing well. This is leg number two. She blew out her cruciate on the other one four years ago.

    • Awww, my BBy is recovering from his knee surgery also, Inahay. 2013, must’ve been a bad year for pets and their knees. The Vet where I took my pet had (5), besides my BBy, Ramses. He had his surgery, November 5, 2013. He’s a Pit/Corgi Mix. Some combo wouldn’t you say? <:D I truly hope your pet has a fast recovery, and back to normal very soon.

  1. I finally was able to read this and oh my, you had me laughing so hard. Especially the rolling on top of the dead bird! Gotham loves all things dead – must be the “Goth” part of his name. I swear I want to come back as a dachschund in my next life- oh what a grand life it is! I will be posting a day in G’s life shortly. Thank you for the morning smiles!

    • So sad about your Lucy! My dogs were happy too, but Lucy is gone now. She was 15. We miss her too. That’s the only draw back about having dogs, to see them get sick or old. Thanks so much for your comment!

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