New attempt at self-publishing with “My Talking Dachshund”

For a while now I’ve been blogging about supposed conversations with my dachshund, Puppy.  We spend considerable time together on the sofa and taking walks, so I’m the most qualified to convey what must surely be his thoughts and opinions to you in my next book, “My Talking Dachshund.” .  My niece, whose name I will shamelessly drop, Sarah Fine, recommended I look into Createspace for self-publishing which I did.  Lo and behold, they have templates to download to provide just the right margins for the size book you choose, and they have cover templates to let you design your cover for yourself on line.  This is perfect for me since my first book, “Puppy, the Navy Seal Dachshund” cost me an arm and a leg and has since sold 39 copies (with grateful thanks to the 39!)  CreateSpace is completely free although they will help you design your book if you wish.  I wanted to learn how to use this site, not only to publish my book, but  because some students I’m working with will need to publish their work.  CreateSpace will be perfect for that.   The book is now in the proofing stage.  Then comes marketing and distribution, my favorite! new book cover

3 thoughts on “New attempt at self-publishing with “My Talking Dachshund”

  1. Congratulations to you and Puppy on your latest book. I’m sure Puppy will be glad to know that his words of wisdom will be shared with the world!

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