Ode to my Inspiration, Dav Pilkey

In 2005, I left teaching 6th grade after 13 years and began teaching 3rd.  I had gotten a reading endorsement, so when an opening in 3rd came up, I went for it.  We had a Reading First grant and our text was Scott Foresman.  At that time, administration wanted us to follow a very structured schedule and almost say verbatim what our teacher’s guide said.  This is pretty stifling for a teacher, but there was always a bright spot in the year, and that was when the story “Dogzilla” came up.  The kids couldn’t wait to read it!  It’s an incredibly clever story with Dav Pilkey’s own pet dog and mice as characters.  He uses actual photographs of the pets embedded in his illustrations. Here is an example:

The story is amusing for adults as well as for the kids.  You can’t help but chuckle at names like “Scarlett O’Hairy or “The Big Cheese” for mouse characters.  The dog character, Dogzilla, is monstrous in the mouse town, but they get rid of her in a hilarious way that all dog lovers will relate to.

Naturally, when thinking about writing a children’s book, I remembered the reaction my students always had to this story.  I knew that my pet dachshund, Puppy, would be a wonderful character too.  My biggest problem is that Puppy is camera shy and I can’t draw, but

puppy on a leash

thank you Dav Pilkey, for the inspiration..

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