Dachshund is reluctant to play Santa . . .

“Puppy, will you pose for a Christmas picture in the Santa suit?” I ask politely.

“What’s in it for me?” is his reply.


“Hmm, eh, nnno . . . ”

“Canned dog food?”

“You’re getting warmer. . .”

“What then? What will it take to get a Christmas picture of you in this Santa suit?”

“A walk.”

“You’ll do it for a walk, really?”

“Yep, a walk.”

“OK, great.  Here, let me put it on you.”

Slight struggle yields dachshund in Santa Suit.


“Wait, Puppy, let me get the leash.”

Fumbling at the door, and then we’re out side.  He takes off running with me flopping behind.  He runs 4.5 to 5 miles an hour, pretty fast for a dachshund with 6″ long legs.  He turns the corner, runs past barking neighbor dogs, ignoring their snarky comments.  He finally stops around the corner to sniff a cable box.  I try to get a picture.

“Puppy, look at Mama.”


An odor from the flower bed attracts his attention.  I try again, “Puppy, look at Mama!”


He has moved on one house and looks like he’s preparing to start running again.  It’s next to impossible to get him to stand still.  As I thought, he takes off, ignoring my question, “Wait, what about the Christmas picture?”

We continue down the block to the west.  He briefly pauses at the corner house with the beautiful green winter grass and tinkling fountain.  I pause too, listening to the fountain and the bird apartment  shade tree in their yard. Suddenly he takes off.  I realize that I’m about to lose out on my opportunity to photograph him..

The second he stops, in front of our house, I say, “Puppy, be a good boy!  Look at Mama!”


I give up.  “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!”  From Puppy, the Dachshund.

Oh and by the way, Puppy the Dachshund reminds you about his book:

“Puppy, the Navy Seal Dachshund”, a good Christmas present for kids who love dogs!

Author Central sales by geography brings a thrill of joy and big thank you!

I bet I’m not alone in my ritual of checking Amazon Author Central several times a day to see my sales rank for my book, “Puppy, the Navy Seal Dachshund.”   There’s a nice line graph there with points for each day.  You can tell if you’ve sold a book because the point will go sharply up.  There is also a section that will show you sales by geography.  I love that because i can tell whom I should thank for buying my book:  2 copies sold in LA, (daughter), 9 copies sold in Phoenix (dad and dear friends), 2 copies sold in Huntsville (son’s in-laws), 2 copies sold in Dallas (sister-in-laws and friend), 1 copy sold in Tulsa (daughter’s best friend), etc.  Then in the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a sale each in Seattle, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Houston, Columbus, Albuquerque, and Dayton!  Excitement sets in because I don’t know people in those areas. (Well, Houston might be my niece!)  I guess my point is, “Thank you all so much for buying my book, and I so hope you enjoy it!”  I wanted to share my joy and encourage all of those authors, who like me, are closely watching sales and hoping to see the line go sharply up.