Agonizing days . . .

Here is the true downside of pet ownership, the aging and deterioration of a creature who has been a family member.  Lucy will be 16 in January.  The last few months it has become evident that she has hip trouble as she falls a lot and wants to spend most of her time sleeping.  When I made attempts to brush her long, unkempt coat, she would do her best to escape, and I didn’t have the heart to make her endure.  So, I did something far worse.  I took her to the groomers.  They looked at her and told me that her hair was so matted that it would be torture for her to comb it out, and they recommended that she be shaved.  Like an unthinking idiot, I went along with it.  I don’t know what I expected, but when I saw Lucy, my heart broke.  In the place of her long hair, was a thin body with swollen hips, skin irritation, and some lumps which I’m afraid must be tumors.  I should have just made Lucy as comfortable as possible and let her sleep on the porch.  

After the grooming ordeal, Lucy has gone down hill drastically.  She can barely get up and walk.  I am hand feeding her and giving her small doses of aspirin as recommended by the vet’s assistant.  I keep her covered with a towel or pillow case and clean her up when she goes to the bathroom where she lays.  I know we should take her to the vet, but I hate to put her through that trauma.  I can’t stand making a decision to end her life.  


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