Two independent authors whose books I enjoyed recently . . .

While surfing around looking for self-published people’s inspiration and ideas, I came across Laura Canetti books.  I liked how she did her Facebook page and thought it would be fun to read her book, If,  and review it, so I did.  Then she did the same for me, and I feel like I made a new friend.

Here is my review:

Title: 5.0 out of 5 stars My grandchildren shouted, “Again, again” when their dad finished reading,

Your 3 to 5 year old will be totally engaged as you read this beautifully illustrated little book. The book asks the question, “If you were a butterfly . . .” and then gives two rhyming options for the child to choose. By the third time my son read it to his children, his 5 year old daughter was supplying the rhyming options and the 3 year old was giving his preference of option. The beaming grandmother enjoyed watching the children have a happy book experience with their dad.

Another book I found is called “Dachshunds in Moccasins” by Nadine Poper.  I found this one when searching for my own book by using the keyword “dachshund”.  The sad little face of the dachshund on the cover looked so much like my own dog, Puppy, that I was compelled to buy the book.  Plus it’s reasonably priced!  Then I reviewed her book too. This may become a habit for me, especially if I can get my ipod to be an ebook reader.  I think this is possible, but don’t know for sure.   Back on topic, here is my review of Nadine’s book:

Title:  5.0 out of 5 stars Appealing Dachshund Touches Your Heart

Within the first two pages of this sweet story, the main character dachshund, Hamchinpolelly, had me rooting for him. The illustrations perfectly depict his sad, little face which tugs on your heartstrings. All dog loving children will enjoy the story, and dachshund lovers in particular will see their own dog in Ham. I’m happily adding this book to my grandchildren’s little library.

I don’t know how much good a review by an unknown customer does, but at least it shows that someone is reading your book!



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