Thanks to K.M. Alexander I Know what to do next!

I have really enjoyed getting in at the start of K.M. Alexander’s release of his new book, “The Stars Were Right”.  When he first announced the book’s publication, it was exciting.  Then he shared his feeling of worry as to how the book would be received.  Today, he is sharing glowing early reviews!  You can’t help but be happy for him with his enthusiasm and optimism.  So, whatever K.M. does, I will too!

I, too, have early reviews of my book “Puppy, the Navy Seal Dachshund” on

Here are excerpts:

By N Fine on September 28, 2013

Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase

Pet loving children will delight in reading about the efforts of Puppy, a dachshund pet, to join the ranks of elite dogdom by becoming a Navy Seal dog. This is the story of setting a goal, making a plan to attain it, and how it all worked out. It should appeal to school children in the lower grades. They will find in the text words which will enrich their vocabulary.

By Cheatiebo on October 5, 2013

Format: Paperback

I have just finished reading “PUPPY, THE NAVY SEAL DACHSHUND” by Anne Milstead. I received my copy within two days, thank you AMAZON! The personification of Anne’s pets Puppy and Lucy is “story-book creativity and fairy-tale endearment” at its finest. Due to Anne’s brilliant intuition and lengthy tenure in the classroom, she cleverly infuses this delightfully illustrated tale with lessons on avoiding instant gratification, the value of lofty goal setting, and the benefit of creating a habit of industriousness early in life.
Naturally, I’m thrilled with the two reviews and now I know that it’s a good idea to share them on my blog.  Thanks K.M. Alexander!

4 thoughts on “Thanks to K.M. Alexander I Know what to do next!

  1. Those are great reviews. Keep at it!

    Thank you for the kind words. 🙂 I’m glad you find my post encouraging. Here’s three other folks I’d also recommend following:

    Hugh Howey is a great indie sci-fi author with a ton of experience and a lot of success follow his work at – his advice is really great. (So are his books.)

    Lauren Sapala, Lauren is a writing coach and fellow writer, and her insight into writing are always fresh, open, and detailed, and always on the mark:

    Setsu over at is also fellow writer, Setsu is also hard at work at her own projects but I really appreciate her honesty and candidness when it comes to writing.

    I hope you find those three as encouraging as I do. Keep at it. 🙂 In the world of indie publishing drive is as important as anything we write.

  2. Hi Anne! So cool that you’ve been inspired by K.M. He’s a great writer friend of mine and such an inspiration to me too. I’m following your blog now and will definitely be checking in on your updates. Good luck with everything!

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