Foolish mistake leads to desire to just forget it!

Forty years ago I took a class in salesmanship as part of my minor in business.  The one thing I remember about it was that if you are selling something, you have to differentiate your product from all the others.  This blog is my attempt to differentiate my children’s book, “Puppy, the Navy Seal Dachshund” from many other childrens books, all of which will certainly have their good qualities and messages.  Authorhouse offered to create a website for me, at a price, but not wanting to spend anymore money, I chose instead to use my blog for uploading teaching activities or ideas for teachers.  I imagine that most children’s books have websites.  Of course, I haven’t done extensive market research, but I thought maybe my teaching ideas might be fairly rare.

Actually, I’m proud of my blog because of all I’ve learned trying to put it together.  My son got me started, but I learned how to use Google docs to create PDF files that teachers could print, and also how to create the simple slide presentations I’ve included.   I want teachers who may buy my book to know that these activities are available to them.  Therefore, how do I get this information on Amazon?  Well, I now know that it’s through the Author Central feature, but before I found that out, I tried to make it known by using the customer review window.  I titled my review, “More information about the book” and just wrote a short sentence about my blog.  Then the feature insisted that I click on a number of stars.  I didn’t want to downgrade my own book, so I clicked 5 stars.  After I found Author Central, I read that author reviews of their own books are never accepted, so I thought, “OK, good, they will just delete the review and no one will know.”  Then today, I saw that they had not deleted it.  Embarrassment!


2 thoughts on “Foolish mistake leads to desire to just forget it!

  1. Coca-Cola was first served from an Atlanta pharmacy to happy customers for five cents a glass and sold about 9 a day for the first year. There was a significant loss in the beginning and the formula was actually sold off after a couple of years. However, it survived war, depression, and today you can’t go anywhere in the world that Coke isn’t available. They even have to keep the formula secret locked away in a vault. There is nothing that a little motivation and perseverence can’t accomplish! Keep going!

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