School Presentations

My neighbor, Connie, saved my dachshund from death.  She lived behind us and shared a back fence.  The next door neighbors had a chow.  They stacked firewood next to the 6 foot tall cement block wall between our houses, and the chow climbed the wood, jumped our fence and attacked Puppy, the dachshund.  Puppy ran around the yard on his stubby legs, being bitten over and over on his hind quarters.  Lucy ran and barked with him, and thank God, Connie heard the commotion.  She got in her truck, raced around the corner, went into the back yard and pulled the chow off of Puppy, being bitten in the process.  This is the kind of person Connie is.  

Now she’s using her fearlessness and enthusiasm to help me promote my book.  She bought a copy, took it to the school where she works with special needs students, and asked her principal if I might come and make a presentation for the kids.  I hope every author, who like me is trying to market a book, will have a Connie in his or her life!

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