My book is published, now what?

I have to admit it’s incredibly exciting to see your book on for the first time.  You’re so used to going to Amazon to buy books, and now all of a sudden, your book is for sale.  Of course, then it hits you that it’s like a grain of sand on the beach.  You look at your rank of 353,276 and wonder if that’s how many books there are at Amazon.  Then the next day you find out there are at least 405,567, and the next day, 585,317, and so on until you reach 834,281 and wonder if you will hit 1,000,000!  Then your dad orders 5 books and your back in the 300,000’s.  You realize that your book will never be noticed, especially since you did a lousy job of telling Authorhouse which key search words to use to describe your book.  You have to do something to get noticed, but what?

I had been advised to make a Facebook page for the book, which I did:

I guess my idea here was to have a place for kids to see the real Puppy and Lucy, but I’m not sure how good it is for marketing the book.  Like selling Tupperware or Shaklee, I always have a hard time asking my friends to buy anything, and I feel like that’s what I’m doing on Facebook.

So back to Amazon.  I read this article:

What I’m working on now is going through the Amazon Top Reviewers list, looking for those who will review children’s books and then sending them an email with my request.  So far I’ve sent out about 10, offering to send a copy of the book, but haven’t heard back from any.  As usual, I expect a miracle!

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