It costs how much?

Here is where I had some sleepless nights.  As a teacher, I naturally hoped that my book would be used in the classroom.  Stories about animals were always big favorites.  Perhaps the most popular story we read in 3rd grade was  “Dogzilla” by Dave Pilkey.  Text book companies often include entire children’s books, or excerpts of them in their basal readers.  I wanted my book to be accessible to school children, but the snag is that Authorhouse, like many self-publishers only print the book on demand and they charge according to number of pages and whether or not the book is in color.  On their website, they have a price calculator so that authors can see how much their book will be, but true to form, I never consulted this, so when my book was priced at $19.99, I, for lack of a better term, had a cow. I wrote an obnoxious e-mail about how I thought we were on the same team, and didn’t they want to sell books, and that a book like mine should cost at most $4.99.   My design consultant,  who to this day has been wonderful to me, called me up and overcame my objections.  I realized that you can’t fight city hall, or in this case, business model, so that was it.  But not many school children will order a 28 page, paper back book by a self-published author for $19.99, especially when they can have a hard cover of “Dogzilla” for only $12.23.  “My dream is over!” I cried.

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