Designing the Book

I didn’t know what to expect really when I self-published a children’s book.  I didn’t research, I didn’t read about other people’s experience, I just launched out as if I knew what I was doing.   Any thinking adult knows that this is not the way to start a successful project.  Maybe I spent too much of my life with idealistic children. 

After my illustrations were ready, the book designers took over.  They sent me the manuscript and instructed me to place the illustrations in the right place.  It’s important to get an illustration on the facing page of its text and I found this to be difficult.  I realized I had done a poor job of deciding which events in the book should be illustrated, and I ended up with sections of text with no illustration.   Here the Authorhouse design team really helped me out.  After I sent in the manuscript with illustrations placed, they called me in person and over the phone helped rearrange them so that they came out right.  They bordered the pages with no illustrations with paw prints which gave more interest.  The last step was proofreading which I had to do myself.  Although I read over it several times,  when I received my Author’s copy and read it, I noticed I had left out a quotation mark.  My fault!  Even so, I was delighted with the book.

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