The project gets underway

When they say “self-publishing”, they mean it. I guess I thought Authorhouse would read my book, edit it, illustrate it, and sell it. They will do all those things but for a price. They didn’t give me any feedback on my manuscript which I submitted via email. The only advice I received, which I think was good advice, was that I should call my book “Puppy, the Navy Seal Dachshund”, instead of just “Puppy, the Navy Seal”, my original title.

The first step was to illustrate the book. The package I bought included 10 illustrations. I was required to decide which sections of the story to illustrate, and then describe in detail what the illustration should look like. I had to describe the setting, the characters, and what the characters were doing. My project was assigned to an artist named Sonny Heston who really did quite a good job reading my mind since my descriptions were not top notch. I did however send some real life photos of my two dogs who were the two main characters, and some photos of our back yard where the story takes place. After about 2 weeks, I received a pdf file of the preliminary sketches. At this time I was to review the sketches and make any changes. The only change I asked for was to make Puppy’s tail longer. Otherwise they looked perfect.

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